Vacationing ? whew! sounds great!!!


The past couple of months really took a toll on me, through the break ups, the make ups and the getting everything and shuting ups. I needed time. don’t ask what for, I guess you can say to regain myself…. by which it took me until recently to gain back, although not fully or entirely but some… either way, things have definitely changed.  Some for the better, others for worse. But i did come to a realization as to what mattered most to me besides my future.


About itdoesntalladdup

It doesn't A.D.D. up is a blog site about life struggles & the day to day problems we face that we can't seem to understand why exactly its happening. My name is Symone Fullwood, I have A.D.D. , at times suffer from depression & I have a cardiac pacemaker. I love writing & traveling & although I do have my depressing times, I'm a very energetic, nice & funny person :) thank you for reading my blog, hope you truely enjoy it. Comment for specific topic Sunday , or simply whatever you agree or disagree on. Be respectful or be gone. :)

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