Awh! Congradulations!


I’ve been proposed to once before…. LAME! we broke up not to mention it wasnt real. wasnt what id expected. But i never wouldve though to have been actually proposed to by the man that broke my heart before anyone even got the chance to. The man, for 3 years I’ve been in love with. There wasnt a ring until afterwards. But he meant it. And i meant it when i said yes. What can i say? No? Hell no are you mad!! He got down on one knee, held my hand in his, looked me in the eyes and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. We’ve been off for 3 years previous to that. In those 3 years, my life took a MAJOR U–Turm. Literally I thought I was in Hell or something. But anyways, my life changed blah blah blah, ok so yeah, I was different than I was when we were dating in high school. I’d been through a lot, emotionally. I was I guess you can say damaged. When Shawn (thats his name, Shawn) came back it was as if I was finally complete. As if everything felt right again. But then things started going wrong & I ended up going balistic. Nothing like a crazy psycho or anything. But I was irritated, and angry and paranoid and still hurt from him leaving me the first time we were together & then everyone else leaving. Yeah I had a lot still going through my head, that up until recently I finally told him how bad he hurt me. I wanted to go back to being the girl I used to be. The chill one he fell in love with in the beginning. The one who, even though i still do, spoke her mind regardless. The one who was always happy and laughing and you know had a great time. I remember her perfectly, as if it was yesturday. Shes gone, somewhat, she just stopped letting people walk all over her, telling her how to live her life. and making her feel like she’ll never be good enough. But it got to the point where, while in the process of editing the negativity out, she ended up editing out some of the positive things about her also. Personally I believe I’ll get back to being “That Girl” that I was previously, and “That Girl” that finally got to be who she wanted to be. Having the man that was there in the beginning really helped get some of her back. He’s my soulmate. The man of my dreams. Through thick and thin, I will always find myself completely and entirely in love with him. He honestly has no idea what and how much he means to me and how much I need him by my side. I’m absolutely more than estatic to know that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me just like I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m blessed.


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It doesn't A.D.D. up is a blog site about life struggles & the day to day problems we face that we can't seem to understand why exactly its happening. My name is Symone Fullwood, I have A.D.D. , at times suffer from depression & I have a cardiac pacemaker. I love writing & traveling & although I do have my depressing times, I'm a very energetic, nice & funny person :) thank you for reading my blog, hope you truely enjoy it. Comment for specific topic Sunday , or simply whatever you agree or disagree on. Be respectful or be gone. :)

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