The perfect person


I realized that people these days dont know what the hell they want. In this particular situation, in relationships. Yall say you want this, this and that in a person  but yet when you meet a person that has everything….  suddenly you don’t want it anymore.  BUT have the nerve to later come out and say yea… i want that…. no… you had the opportunity and purposefully let it go and made up some LAME excuse as to why you let it go but in actuality it was YOU who wasnt ready and wasn’t quite capable of handling it. Your indecisiveness was what made you want to leave. You dont know what you want. We will wait…  but have us wait long enough and continuing to give and take away our hope, eventually we will walk away. And once that’s done, its completely over.  Moving on to the next.


About itdoesntalladdup

It doesn't A.D.D. up is a blog site about life struggles & the day to day problems we face that we can't seem to understand why exactly its happening. My name is Symone Fullwood, I have A.D.D. , at times suffer from depression & I have a cardiac pacemaker. I love writing & traveling & although I do have my depressing times, I'm a very energetic, nice & funny person :) thank you for reading my blog, hope you truely enjoy it. Comment for specific topic Sunday , or simply whatever you agree or disagree on. Be respectful or be gone. :)

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