“Pacemaker make-her better”


“I’m getting the battery replaced in my pacemaker on Monday” ….”that’s great good luck” … Since that day after you have yet to say one word to me. You have yet to ask me how it went and if I was ok or even a simple I love you. I’m your daughter, your blood. How is it that a man that’s not even my biological father can come with me to the hospital and spoil me the day before my surgery and comfort me when I was freaking out about it but my own father can go 4..5 days without checking up on me & have the nerve to say you was worried about me! You don’t care. But your pretending you do…. :/


About itdoesntalladdup

It doesn't A.D.D. up is a blog site about life struggles & the day to day problems we face that we can't seem to understand why exactly its happening. My name is Symone Fullwood, I have A.D.D. , at times suffer from depression & I have a cardiac pacemaker. I love writing & traveling & although I do have my depressing times, I'm a very energetic, nice & funny person :) thank you for reading my blog, hope you truely enjoy it. Comment for specific topic Sunday , or simply whatever you agree or disagree on. Be respectful or be gone. :)

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