Monthly Archives: January 2014

“You want a break?… Why?” ….”so we aren’t together anymore?”


Breaks and break ups are two completly different things they can be similar but keep in mind that when your on break with your spouse that YOU ARE STILL TOGETHER. When a person in a relationship wants to take a break, its usually so they can take a while to figure out their next path they want to take, theyre probably frustrated because of the day to day issues that havent been fully resolved. Its not a bad thing and it defineatly isnt anyones fault. You have to be understanding of it . Being stuck up and selfish about it is only going to push them away more. Especially if you truly love and care about them. Now generally while your on break, you take the time to resolve the complicated situation , and continue on but with caution as to not make things worse. Rest, resolve, restore. If your unhappy, take this time to find yourself. Find the things that make you happy without your spouse. Take this time to find stability in your life. To correct the things that need correction, to concentrate on the important things. To take time to better yourself. I guarentee once the few months is over, your relationship will be stronger then ever